When a down on her luck and grieving young woman receives a business opportunity from a family friend, she has no idea that it will lead her to uncovering the mystery behind her father's recent murder.  


Klara’s Box follows Klara, a woman grappling with adversity after her father's death. Struggling to make ends meet, she reluctantly accepts an “easy job” offered by a family friend Vasyly for quick cash. However, the seemingly simple task of delivering a mysterious package becomes a descent into a perilous world. Suspicion arises as Klara realizes she is being followed. A chance meeting with Jack, a former police officer, exposes a shocking truth—Vasyly, once a trusted ally, played a pivotal role in her father's demise through illegal activities. Overwhelmed by grief and betrayal, Klara seeks justice and confronts Vasyly, armed with newfound knowledge. The unresolved tension between Klara and Vasyly lingers, inviting the audience to speculate on the turbulent and unpredictable turns their conflict may take.

Director's Statement

The idea for“Klara’s Box” came to life from my lifelong fascination with strong compelling narratives and powerful storytelling.

As both an actor and storyteller, I'm naturally drawn to characters facing profound challenges, those on a quest for truth and finding their inner strength in the face of adversity, and Klara's journey in this film encapsulates the very essence of that exploration.

This project, for me, was an opportunity to extend beyond the confines of acting and immerse myself in the broader canvas of storytelling. As a director, co-writer,and producer, I aimed to bring Klara's story to life with authenticity and emotional depth. The allure of crafting a compelling narrative, one that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact, is what fueled my creative pursuits in this venture.

From the initial spark of an idea to the collaborative efforts on set, every aspect of "Klara's Box" has been a labor of love. Working alongside this outstanding cast and crew was a revelation, as their collective brilliance sparked the true magic behind the scenes.

Working on this film has been a true delight, and my sincere hope is that the audience enjoys it as much as we loved creating it!

Thank you for joining us on this journey into the compelling world of "Klara's Box."

~ ZhuZha Akova


ZhuZha Akova (as Klara)

ZhuZha  is a former award-winning rhythmic gymnast from Ukraine who transitioned seamlessly into acting. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. She recently starred in the highly charged action thriller BRING HIM BACKDEAD. ZhuZha co-wrote, produced, and starred in Klara's Box, a gripping short exploring themes of loss, resilience, and the pursuit of truth. Set to debut in 2024, the film reflects her passion for storytelling on and off-camera. ZhuZha's official website is www.ZhuZha.co

Igor Grbesic (as Vasyly)

Originally from Croatia via London, Igor Grbesic is an LA based actor featured on HBO, Netflix, and Hulu shows (Daughters of the Cult), festival award-winning short films (Down Here, Teardrop, Industry), and music videos (The Kid Laroi, MUNA).

Adam Fried (as Jack)

Adam Fried, a Los Angeles-based actor and writer, began his journey in Dayton, Ohio, with The Muse Machine. After earning a BA in Musical Theatre, he gained recognition at the Barn Theatre in Michigan. With a background in regional performances, national tours, and NYC acting, Adam now thrives in California's Film and Television scene.


Matt Fore - Director of Photography & Editor

Matt Fore is an award-winning cinematographer who dove into the industry at the cusp of the film vs. digital collision. Having initially trained on film at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, Matt also had the luck to experiment with some of the first 24p HD cinema camera systems available in the early-to-mid 2000s. This dual-format background still provides Matt with a rich technical knowledge from which to draw upon to create robust storytelling images for every unique project, no matter the budget.

Matt believes story and mood are the top priorities when making visual decisions, not just aesthetics, and as such, he possesses an extremely keen grasp of both the artistic and technical side of digital and celluloid filmmaking and makes it a habit of weaving the two together into every frame he composes.

Known for shooting independent features like the festival darling The Human Race, Matt also loves working on shorter formats, be they short films, promos or webseries. As well as shooting a bevy of commercials and music videos, Matt has also worked as a Camera Operator in the action/stunt units for some of today’s larger Hollywood films, including Limitless, Real Steel, Little Fockers, and Godzilla. 

In addition to his narrative work and 15 feature films shot from 2004-2023, Matt has also shot 2 feature documentaries, (Harvard Park, The Spirit of the Pony Express) as well as many docu-series, TV spots, and promos for corporate clients such as ESPN, CBS Sports, DirecTV, AT&T, VICE, Nvidia, NFL Films and more. 

Zack Voytas - Gaffer

Zach Voytas is a talented gaffer and
DP known for Escape the Night (2016),
Relics and Rarities (2019) and Limbus

Curt Norris - Sound Mixer / Boom Operator

Curt began working in the film and TV world while a Communications major at CSU Fullerton, gaining experience as a camera op, gaffer and sound mixer. At his first full time job at the Pulitzer prize-winning Orange County Register, he pioneered the use of video for the online news department’s daily production cycle. For more than 20 years, Curt has worked independently on news, corporate, advertising and film/TV projects. He is a regular contributor to CNN Headline News Local Edition, Charter Communications, Digital First Media News and many web sites as well as developing content for corporate and commercial clients such as Hyundai, Clarion, City of Hope, The Queen Mary and Food Network. His work has appeared internationally on the Times Now network, nationally on PBS and in several award-winning short films.

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